Inman Review: VSH Media Introduces Mobile Virtual Staging

Virtual home staging and image improvement marketing continue to be powerful tools for listing agents. VSH Media’s mobile app is a good, affordable option for agents, but it costs more for faster turnaround.

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VSH Media is a virtual real estate staging and listing marketing application.

Platforms: Browser, iOS, Android
Ideal for: List agents

Top selling points:

  • Processing possible on the same day
  • 3D floor plans
  • Furniture / decor styles
  • Comments and notes in the picture
  • Overall UX

Main concern:

This is a well-designed app and, as competing services have proven, a valuable service for agents. It’s not the realism of the virtual staging as good as however like some others. It’s very good, just not how Well.

What you should know

We can’t get enough of these services.

The more brokers invest in the marketing quality of their properties, the more value you offer your customers.

I also believe that companies like VSH Media help to level the playing field between top producers and their young talent. What used to cost thousands to process is available for the price of lunch at Whole Foods and offers a better return on investment.

The user experience is pretty intuitive, I wouldn’t expect anyone familiar with a photo app to get away with it without training. The app looks as good as it works.

Pictures can be uploaded via your phone’s native app or taken with the “Instant Shot” in-app camera. I’m not sure how well the app integrates the internal camera settings as some apps can degrade the picture quality.

A special highlight is the in-image notes tool. I’m digging this. Users can tap anywhere on the photo to attach instructions to editors before uploading. Use it to tell them where to place couches or to indicate that stools should be placed around the breakfast counter.

Speaking of decor: VSH Media offers a library with living styles such as Farmhouse, Contemporary, Hamptons, Urban, Traditional or combinations of each.

There’s also the ability to remove items and “enhanced” images, which is basically the same exposure / image fusion technology other apps in the field have for making the outside of windows look good from the inside.

Some camera apps and software editors are better than others at this editing skill, and while Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop offer them to some extent, you don’t get as good quality as if a human editor combed through the details perfect the harsh contrast between that Light from the outside sun and dark interiors.

Other good things VSH Media offers are virtual landscaping, exterior displays, virtual paint, furniture replacement, twilight improvements and staging in 360-degree environments.

You can also purchase logo design services, listing description copywriting and real estate flyers, and website creation. (I haven’t looked at any website samples.)

VSH Media has a simple project tracking feature to keep up with new orders or to access previous photos. It is categorized as Confirmed, Delivered, and In Review.

It should be noted that having the capability of this software in an app is pretty cool. After all, cell phones are the go-to place for agents who take care of their own entry photography.

And with apps like this and the others out there, I’m not surprised how many of you do.

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Craig C. Rowe started at the start of the commercial real estate dot-com boom, helping a number of commercial real estate companies build their online presence and analyze internal software decisions. Now he helps agents with technology decisions and marketing by reviewing software and tech for Inman.

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