Inman Top 5: The Biggest Stories of the Week: 14.-20. August 2021

Quickly catch up on the biggest stories of the week as revealed by Inman website visitors. Here are the Inman Top 5 this week.

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Reps. Ken Buck and Sen. Mike Lee, senior members of the House and Senate Antitrust Subcommittees, asked the FTC to “look closely” at “competition issues” in the real estate space.

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Competition for Redfin agents has subsided across the country, with reports that only 60 percent of their bids were part of a bidding war in July.

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Buyers are running out of budget more than ever and want the best bang for their buck. If sellers want to capitalize on their home sales, they have to do the job. Here are 10 seller must-dos and why they are important to buyers.

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There has never been a more critical time to take your communication skills to the next level. This will help you better connect with sellers (for the profit).

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