Inman Top 5: The biggest stories of the week: 4-10. September 2021

Looking for a quick rundown of the hottest stories of the week? Here are Inman Top 5, the most important stories of the week, according to Inman website visitors.

Here is Jimmy Burgess’ list of 40 lead generation strategies from buyers and sellers that agents are now doing business with. Find out in the video why he thinks you should start with the last three.


California Regional MLS, which has more than 108,000 subscribers, made changes to the way listing agents and brokers are presented on online listing sites.

Jovo Marjanovic / EyeEm / 10,000 hours / Jupiterimages / Getty Images.

Hiring the artist to Pope Francis and Nelson Mandela, private jets, personable puppy pictures – Inman reached out to agents in the US and beyond to share the funniest marketing tricks that worked for them.


The authors of Exactly What to Say for Real Estate Agents have provided 30 magic words to help brokers with difficult conversations. Here Bernice Ross summarizes the most important takeaways and adds a few suggestions.


Social media is a huge endeavor in the real estate industry, but it’s also a powerful, mostly free tool that can reach more customers with less effort if you get it right. Here are the tools and tips you need to make it easy for you from social media guru Katie Lance.

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