Inman Top 5: The Biggest Stories of the Week: August 28 – September 3, 2021

Quickly catch up on the biggest stories of the week as revealed by Inman website visitors. Here are the Inman Top 5 this week.


Increasing your average selling price is simply a small shift in focus followed by a strategic plan to position yourself as a luxury professional. Here are six steps to help you do this.


We all know the sellers who think their Zestimate is the final say in pricing. Here is the proven four-step plan that the Carl Medford team uses on listing appointments to help sellers get back to reality and win the listing.

The Marketing Master gives five simple tips for building a personal brand that will move your business forward and generate leads.

Carlina Teteris via Getty Images

It doesn’t matter how easy it is now to provide feedback through technology – some buyers just won’t. There’s no point in making a big deal out of this. Here’s why.


Real estate is constantly changing and complicated. So, when customers cling to “advice” or “facts” they’ve heard and try to use it in their decision-making, agents can find it particularly frustrating to try to unravel, fix bugs, and find the right path to find forward. Here are 10 pesky myths floating around in this market and how to fight them.

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