Keller Williams Leader: Diversity is good for business

Julia Lashay Israel argued during the Keller Williams Mega Camp event that the future will be more diverse and that agents should embrace it. Get all of your info as we delve into Keller Williams all week.

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Keller Williams’ new director for diversity and inclusion argued Wednesday that real estate consumers are becoming increasingly diverse and that accepting diversity simply makes sense for business professionals.

Julia Lashay Israel

Julia Lashay Israel made the comments during a Wednesday session at Keller Williams’ Mega Camp, which this year is a virtual conference with thousands of attendees. Israel, a longtime agent for Keller Williams, became Head of Inclusion and Affiliation in May and was subsequently tasked with strengthening diversity education at the franchisor.

During the Mega Camp, she stated that “America is becoming more and more racially diverse”. And that in turn “offers an opportunity” for real estate professionals.

“We need to serve more people,” she said, adding a moment later that agents should embrace the concept, “diversity is nice, it’s great.”

Israel also found that the US home ownership rate is around 65 percent. But this sentence does not apply equally to all ethnic groups.

For white Americans, the rate is even 70 percent, for black Americans, however, “often less than 40 percent”. Other groups tend to be somewhere in the middle of these two percentages, and helping people with historically less access to the housing market may mean brokers have more opportunities to get more deals.

Diversity has become a big issue in the real estate industry in recent years. This is partly due to reports exposing systemic discrimination in some parts of the US and protests over the past year against discriminatory police policies. As a result, a number of real estate companies have made efforts to improve diversity in the industry.

During their meeting at the Mega Camp on Wednesday, Israel pointed out that improving diversity requires a concerted effort. For example, she pointed out that while many white Americans might come from a home culture, sometimes other groups might not. And that means they can do things like finding an agent differently. Industry experts who want to be successful in the future must recognize and accept these differences.

“What we want to do,” added Israel, “is to reach the widest possible audience.”

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