Over 30 cozy pumpkins to get you ready for fall!

I know, I know … it’s only August, but I’m ready to think about fall! Some might say it’s too early, but this is the perfect time to start planning your fall decorations and maybe even buy a few things! What better way to think about fall decorations than a cozy pumpkin roundup! There are so many cozy pumpkins on the market right now; different textures, sizes and colors. Even cozy pumpkins that doubles as pillows! I like to collect all of my fall decorating items in advance so that for the day I’m ready to decorate, I have everything ready and all that’s left to do is style. If you’re interested in more fall inspiration, click here [HERE] to see past fall blog posts.

Buy all of my leisurely pumpkin finds by clicking the images below:

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xx Liz Marie

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