Pulse: Readers share the biggest problems with listing technology

From lack of optimization on MLS platforms to difficulty adopting new technology, here are all of the problem areas our readers shared with us over the past week.

August is Listings Tech at Inman. All month long, we’ll be on listing technology, a conversation that includes portals to single listing sites, landing pages, 3D tours, photography, videos, advertising, and more.

pulse is a recurring column in which we ask readers for opinions on various topics in a weekly survey and report on our results.

August is all about listing technology – that is, we dive deep into what’s good and what’s bad, and what could use a little tweak. Last week we started the conversation by asking our readers to share the main areas of concern when listing technology.

We asked you to address your concerns and question marks. From a lack of optimization on MLS platforms to struggling to get real estate agents to adopt new technology, here are all the topics you talked about.

  • MLS platforms are not optimized to support modern media such as videos, tours, and floor plans.
  • Marketing to tenants in a condominium.
  • I’ve never really considered listing technology as something separate. It all flows together somehow. However, one thing I would like to see is that the information on the MLS input forms go straight into the MLS. Currently, the forms are electronic but must be read by a human and entered into the system.
  • Difficult to admit, but the biggest problem these days is incomplete or sloppy data being entered by agents. Search queries such as “must be single-tier” or “must have a garage” or “cannot only be for seniors” are ineffective or even harmful. Our customers are becoming more and more choosy and also very technically competent themselves. This is added value that would help agents, but we shoot each other in the foot with our negligence. In my 35 year career in technology, before real estate, we called this data entry problem “GIGO: garbage in, garbage out”.
  • Almost all brokers and technologists I know believe the biggest problem is getting agents to use the technology (i.e., introducing it).

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