Simple cozy checkered autumn table landscape

Okay everyone knows what time of year it is. It’s the time of year to piss off friends and family who are waiting until November to finally think about their fall decorations. We knowingly a little bit ahead of everyone when it comes to sharing seasonal looks, but I really hope to inspire some of your looks and maybe save some money by reusing older items you already have in a fun way . Don’t let me fool you into starting decorating for fall early, just look back to my posts when you’re ready to get your inspiration. If you come to me in the early transitions this year, you are welcome here, no judgment as always. If you wait … no judgment & these posts are waiting for you when you are ready! Let’s talk about this simple cozy checkered autumn table landscape.

The base layer

The base layer is the checkered tablecloth. You’re looking for something that just speaks to you, blankets and I’ve even made scarves in the past to put the table mat. This is a new Fall Tartan Plaid tablecloth from Hearth & Hand from Target, and actually a rectangular tablecloth I was looking for, or a round tablecloth that would go with our round table, but they didn’t have one, so I used a rectangular tablecloth to get a slightly bolder and more bundled table runner look. We introduced two chairs with matching Outdoor Fall Tartan Plaid Throws that match the table runner to bring more of that plaid into the room. Bonus!

Seasonal anchor

The two seasonal anchors I added to the table and basket were dried pumpkins and artificial fall stems. This adds the rich fall color and texture that you would expect in a fall look. Other options are your favorite real or artificial autumn fruits and vegetables. We have made kale, apples, pears, and pumpkins in the past.

Add a personal touch

The stage is ready for any personal touches you want to add to this table landscape. We made some vintage earthenware mugs and muffins that we already had around the house for some of the incoming guests. These aren’t seasonal muffins, but when you look at the setting, your eyes (and stomach) instantly tell you what flavors you have on the table and it goes right into the fall look. Other personal accents can be your favorite candle or a set of candle holders in a pretty brass base. A stack of plates to be ready for your next meal. Keeping an eye on the overall balance and weight of the table, you want your eye to dance across the table from top to bottom.

It’s as easy as it gets. Hope you enjoy this simple Cozy Plaid Fall Table Top, and think of a few items that you may already need to get the same look. Fall decorations hold a special place in my heart here on the farm, and I hope to bring you many more before the season so that you can get your favorite looks this year. Ps. Did you take a look at the new clock we got in the background today? More on that later! Thank you for checking out the blog today and every other day, it really means the world to me!

xxLiz Marie

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