Storytelling: the key to speeding up your deal

Your team can dominate your market with digital storytelling

As teams continue to evolve and multiply, leaders face unique challenges in optimizing their businesses. As a team leader, you are usually the strongest listener – the “rain maker”.

But if the whole purpose of a team is to increase productivity and sales while relieving pressure on the lead and capitalizing on your size, then how can you ensure that team members are winning deals and with as much success as you Close business opportunities? How do you ensure that the blood, sweat, and tears you put into building your brand are adequately represented by each and every member of your team? How can you make it easier to consistently deliver your story and message?

The only reason someone loses an opportunity to bid is because the prospect ultimately had more confidence in another party to sell their home. It’s insane when a competitor comes out on top who has secured a higher level of trust from potential customers. It’s even worse when nepotism shows up and you lose to someone less skilled and less experienced just because they have a personal relationship with the seller.

So how do you deal with the challenge of getting every member of your team to inspire the same level of trust in a salesperson as you personally?

With storytelling.

As a top agent, you are likely a great storyteller. As humans, we are prepared to respond to stories. Storytelling results in ten times the engagement and twenty-two times the recall level compared to the same packaged and less effectively presented information. When each member of your team takes your brand story and conveys that story in a curated, editorial format that creates an emotional response, you will protect your brand, optimize your sales, and really benefit from the scalability that a team should bring.

Today’s self-directed, fragmented search environment means you only have six to eight seconds to capture and captivate consumers online on their own terms. Add to this the fact that real estate is a service-based business. It’s intangible, and so it’s difficult to demonstrate meaningful differentiation from your competitors. You need to have a technical bias and build trust for your entire team, not just during your live presentations, but at every possible point of contact with the consumer before and after.

Your website, direct marketing campaigns, social platforms, and pre-listing communications are all important opportunities to gradually and consistently tell your story; to predispose the consumer to trust you and have confidence in you before you (or a member of your team) walk into a proposal presentation. The presentation of the listing itself then becomes an opportunity to seal it off and build an incredible level of confidence and confidence that your competition (even a relative or close friend) simply cannot match.

Studeo makes storytelling easy. Our interactive, digital platform takes all of the media you currently use (photos, 3D tours, Google Maps, and Street View) and recombines them to create beautiful, editorial real estate storybooks that resonate emotionally with consumers. This format lifts real estate marketing from a collection of discrete functions to an ambitious showcase of lifestyle benefits that will delight your listing prospects and empower each member of your team with greater confidence to attract more listings. Find out more about Studeo for teams today.

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