Ten cozy hut rooms in the middle of nature

A bedroom built around a living tree and a sleeping area next to an opening polycarbonate wall are among the ten cabin bedrooms selected for our latest lookbook from the Dezeen archives.

Since cubicles usually have small footprints, their bedrooms must be designed intelligently to offer solutions for smaller and often open spaces – without compromising on comfort.

These ten examples all make optimal use of the available space and at the same time use the view of the surroundings.

This is the latest round up of our Dezeen Lookbooks range of visual inspiration for the home. Previous lookbooks have included green office spaces, mezzanines, and interiors that use biomaterials.

Forest hut retreat, Netherlands, by The Way We Build

The interior of this Dutch cabin was constructed with a collection of poplar wood arches that support the roof and give the living space a playful domed look.

It has an open plan living room with a sleeping area located under an arched corner that creates an intimate, enclosed sleeping space.

Floor-to-ceiling windows line the walls of the building and allow a view of the surrounding landscape between the arched cut-outs.

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Barrel-vaulted room by Valbæk Brørup Architects

Vibo Tværveh, Denmark, by Valbæk Brørup Architects

Valbæk Brørup Architects designed this hut to echo a farm building. The interior is clad in pine and has three bedrooms – two in a wooden volume in the central room and the third in the back of the cabin.

The master bedroom sits under the barrel-vaulted ceiling of the cabin and benefits from a floor-to-ceiling window overlooking the surrounding forest.

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Gable bedroom by Studio Puisto

Niliaitta, Finland, by Studio Puisto

The bedroom in the Niliaitta by Studio Puisto is part of the open living space. It takes up the largest area within the cabin and is positioned in the rear area opposite a glazed gable wall.

The interior is characterized by high symmetry with amenities and the bed placed in the middle of the room. Its headboard doubles as a practical partition between the bed and the space-saving dining table for two.

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room with swiveling vortices by studio puisto

Space of Mind, Finland, by Studio Puisto

This hut was mainly built as an off-grid hideaway and organized as a small studio. The sleeping area is arranged below the sloping roof in order to make optimal use of the high room height.

A large floor-to-ceiling window mirrors the silhouette of the structure, forming an irregular square across the side of the cabin that frames the exterior views. Wooden clips line the walls and lock the furniture in place so that the space can be reorganized with ease.

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Cabin bedroom with polycarbonate wall of so?

Cabin on the border, Turkey, from SO?

Plywood covers the interior of Cabin on the Border, where a platform bed next to a polycarbonate window at one end of the room looks out over the surrounding lawn.

The polycarbonate sheet can be lifted and supported with a cable to let fresh air into the room and create a protected extension of the living space.

A storage space has been built in under the platform bed, next to it a ladder leads to a mezzanine floor with a bed under the ceiling.

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vaulted interior of ZJJZ Atelier

The Seeds, China, by ZJJZ Atelier

The Seeds are a collection of pods designed as individual hotel rooms with a wood-clad dome. A large curved wall divides the spacious interior into two parts, with a sleeping area taking up half of the cabin.

A tapering arch leads between the two rooms and the bedroom. The bed was placed against the curved wooden wall and looked out over the surrounding forest through a large round window.

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Glass wall in the cabin bedroom by Ortraum Architects

Kynttilä, Finland, from Ortraum Architects

This cross laminated timber (CLT) forest hut on Lake Saimaa in Finland has a large glazed gable overlooking the nearby water.

The sleeping area was placed in the rear of the cabin, with the bed facing the glazed wall and facing the inside of the cabin. An overhang at the end of the building provides shade for the interior.

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open bedroom by sigurd larsen

Løvtag Hut, Denmark, by Sigurd Larsen

This treetop hut was built around an existing living tree and is one of nine structures that Sigurd Larsen designed for hotelier Løvtag.

The room offers an open living structure with a sleeping area arranged along one of the many sloping walls.

Positioned next to floor-to-ceiling windows, the bed was built to fit the space and has a box-shaped, podium-like design. It is framed by large sheets of plywood that form a light-colored wooden element wall.

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recycled cabin bedroom from Studio les eerkes

Schnitzel Hut, USA, by Studio Les Eerkes

The Scavenger Cabin was built by Studio Les Eerkes architects who used salvaged plywood cladding from houses to be leveled inside.

The bedroom is on the upper floor of the hut and can be reached via a steel staircase. Above the room, the cladding windows surround, including two glazed walls. Wood panels and joinery fill the space, contrasting with metal fixtures.

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Ocean View Cabin by Croxatto and Opazo Architects

La Loica and La Tagua, Chile, by Croxatto and Opazo Architects

The bedroom in the La Tagua hut in Chile is located on the upper levels of the double-height room with sleeping areas that are accessible via a wooden ladder via the kitchen and bathroom.

A black perforated metal railing lines the edge of the mezzanine, allowing light to fall into the space below. Wood panels line the walls and ceiling of the bedroom, which also has glass-enclosed walls and a terrace with views of the cliffs and the sea.

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This is the latest in our line of lookbooks with curated visual inspirations from Dezeen’s image archive. Check out previous lookbooks for more inspiration with U-shaped kitchens, quiet living rooms, and home offices.

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