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Every year I love sharing exaggerated fall looks with pumpkins. If you’ve stayed with us, you’ve probably seen more verandas to my table landscapes. In some years we have grown our own pumpkins and in other years we support local growers. I’ve used fake pumpkins in my looks before, but usually the fake pumpkins aren’t anchors that are embedded in a design because, frankly, they didn’t look anywhere near the real thing. I love working with real pumpkins in our rooms, grow them and support local farms by buying real pumpkins from them, but sometimes a fake pumpkin is beautiful and works better. Especially when they look real …

This year I found those fake pumpkins, and my goodness, no matter how close you get, they look so real. I bought some of these and I have to be honest, they aren’t that cheap. But for what we do here on the blog, we provide interior design inspiration, and for those who, like us, love fall decor, these are great items to invest in for years to come. In our opinion, these pumpkins would have paid for themselves after about two years compared to any real pumpkin we buy. I mean, you’ve all seen how many pumpkins we put on our porch and in our house this fall. We love her. You can find all pumpkins in this post [HERE] or by clicking on the pumpkin pictures below:

My collection here ranges from 1 to 5 pounds, so much lighter and easier to work with than real ones. They’re made of resin so weather shouldn’t be a problem, but direct sunlight can cause discoloration. I’ll have to test that for you over time. I can look like I’m using these anywhere I’ve used real pumpkins in the past, but what makes these great is that they won’t rot. So if you have outdoor critters that eat pumpkins, these fake pumpkins are great alternatives. Tablescapes are clearly one of my favorite rooms, especially in the autumn and winter months. Our toddler also tested them today by playing with them and they seem child safe which is a bonus!

Right now, if you are planning on having those lovely pops or fall decorations, I would highly recommend investing in some of these Wayfair fake pumpkins. Thank you for stopping by the blog today and every other day it really means the world to us here on the farm. And bring the fall inspiration with you.


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