The highest OSHA fines of the second quarter of 2021

In the second quarter of the year, state and federal labor protection agencies in the United States fined contractors for safety violations.

Contractors have been fined, for example, for failing to issue fall protection devices and provide respiratory protection equipment. The combined highest fines were $ 1.2 million for a contractor.

OSHA particularly emphasizes the need for fall protection. According to the agency, falls are the leading cause of death in the construction industry. responsible for the deaths of 320 workers out of 1,008 total registered deaths in 2018.

Here are the OSHA fines for the second quarter, which totaled more than $ 150,000:

Always roofing

Total Suggested Fines: $ 1,242,807

Status: Open, in competition

Allways Roofing, based in Snohomish, Washington, is on its way more than $ 1 million in combined fines According to a press release from the Washington Department of Labor and Industry last quarter, it emerged from inspections at four construction sites in Washington state.

Between December and March, the company had committed 12 willful and serious violations on three construction sites in Snohomish and one in Lake Stevens, ranging from lack of fall protection, improper use of ladders to inadequate eye protection when using pneumatic nail guns, according to the announcement.

The fines reached more than $ 1 million because Allways Roofing is a repeat offender, according to the press release, and is involved in the state’s Severe Violator Program. According to the press release, the company has been charged with more than a dozen security breaches since 2010 and fined $ 375,000 in January 2020 for six intentional, six serious, and two repeated general violations in three different locations. The company also had at least four claims for damages that resulted in serious injuries and hospitalizations.

Allways Roofing denies the fines.

Marble Maker Direct International

Total Suggested Fines: $ 177,314

Status: Open, in competition

Cleveland-based contractor Marble Builder Direct International was cited in April for one serious and seven willful violations with a total of $ 177,314 in proposed fines. Part of the fines resulted from violations related to respiration, citing laws on respiratory protective equipment, but also laws on respiration from fumed silica able to cause serious lung disease and death. Other citations include improper wiring, flammable liquids, and violations of the law on powered industrial trucks.

The company had not recorded any fines in the OSHA database prior to these citations and is currently denying the fines.

DWC contracts

Total Suggested Fines: $ 183,225

Status: Open, informal settlement

DWC Contracting, headquartered in High Springs, Fla., Was fined $ 183,225 in May for willful, serious, and repeated violations. according to a press release from the Ministry of Labor.

The violations stem from an investigation into a construction site in Gainesville, Florida, where government inspectors found three workers in a two-story building without a fall arrest system. Along with this violation, inspectors also noted repeated violations of the failure to hold ladders at least 3 feet above an upper landing at the construction site, as well as the failure to enforce eye and face protection when a pneumatic nail gun was used.

The contractor reached an informal settlement for $ 100,774, a decrease of over $ 80,000 from the original fine.

A&W contracting

Total Suggested Fines: $ 171,639

Status: Open, informal settlement

A&W Contracting, Inc., a Chipley, Florida-based company, was cited following the death of one of its employees and the injury of three others due to improper training and lack of preparation. The employees, who were not trained as pipelayers and for this work, worked from trusses and cleared the rafters with chainsaws. Their brace collapsed and they fell 15 feet. One employee died and the other three were injured.

The company was cited by OSHA for failing to support or shoring the walls of a building that was about to be demolished, not training its employees, and other violations, with the bulk of the fine attributed to failure to support the walls.

The company has reached an informal settlement and reduced the fine to $ 70,008.

Everest scaffolding

Total Suggested Fines: $ 300,370

Status: Open, fines contested

Everest Scaffolding, a roofing company based in Brooklyn, New York, was fined $ 300,370 after an investigation into the death of an employee from a fall of two serious and two deliberate OSHA Code violations relating to fall protection system violations as well as a violation of general requirements with regard to scaffolding safety and a violation of the training regulations also with regard to scaffolding safety.

An OSHA investigation found the worker was killed while climbing seven levels of previously erected scaffolding to an eighth level, where the worker then fell on the concrete below and was killed. Everest Scaffolding is currently denying the fines.

Janiec roofer

Total Suggested Fines: $ 283,989

Status: Open, fines contested

Janiec Roofing, a Lodi, New Jersey-based company, was fined $ 283,989 for three serious, one willful, and four repeated violations of OSHA guidelines. The violations result from the lack of fall protection and other basic safety equipment, such as head protection.

In addition to these quotes, OSHA found that the company breached a previous settlement agreement and continued to expose workers to dangerous safety hazards, which resulted in even more fines. according to a press release from the Ministry of Labor.

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