The Real Word: Do Americans Want To Live Further From Their Neighbors?

In this edition of The Real Word, Bryon Lazine and Nicole White discuss new trends like fence renovations, changes in living preferences, and agents like Ryan Serhant building their brand in the real estate industry.

Byron Lazine and Nicole White are two Connecticut agents who share their thoughts on the week’s news every Friday in The Real Word, a weekly video column on Inman.

Buyers are looking for apartments that are further away from neighbors. As reported by Realtor magazine, a study by the Pew Research Center found that American lifestyles have changed since the pandemic.

Instead of having smaller homes within walking distance of local amenities (which was the preferred option in 2019), more Americans are now opting for larger homes – even if it means a longer drive to retail stores and schools.

“I think this poll is one of the more accurate polls we’ve ever seen,” said Byron. “I think it’s true what we see in our buyers, and I think people want these bigger houses … rooms and stuff.”

More This Week: Would you like to know if you should completely make the decision to install a fence around your property? “Whether to keep newly adopted dogs safe or to increase privacy and at the same time make more use of the backyard, the apartment renovation craze triggered by the pandemic has prompted many homeowners to erect a fence,” reported Realtor magazine. Byron and Nicole weighed.

Marketeer of the Week

“Nobody is just a real estate agent,” said Ryan Serhant in this Inman article that revealed the Master of Marketing’s five top tips for building a personal brand, growing your business, and generating leads.

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