The introduction of iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max marked the start of many excellent experiences in the use of Apple flagship mobile phones. They were the iPhone XS and XS Max iterations that were definitely better as the 11 Pro iPhones have three cameras. These iPhones had the right camera features that enabled parents to follow their children’s movements, all in line with the highly popular sharenting trend of the period.

The iPhone 11 standard wide angle camera has the support of an ultra-wide lens and telephoto lenses located in the rear. They also came with a new processor and a new iOS, albeit the versions were rated as buggy. Anyway, the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Max series were what influencers and selfie-loving moms wanted to have as their mobile phone. The devices have longer battery lives and broader display in landscape.

In France, many believe that the obsession with self portraits people call selfies is said to have originated from that moment in French history that Louis Daguerre invented photography that resulted in commercial success. The idea is not faretched and could be true. Apparently, the first professional French photographers had used their photography tools on themselves. That way, they learned how to fix the light that reflected on surfaces.
Many French iPhone 11 owners have a collection of coque iphone 11 wiqeo offers in different fascinating themes as they seem to support the idea.

The Psychology Behind Sharenting

At first, taking selfies and sharing photos in social media platforms were fascinating ways of expressing emotions currently running on one’s mind. Sharenting even turned out to be a good provider of lucrative opportunities for earning extra income from advertising campaigns. As a result, many parents made sharenting rewarding even if it meant impacting their children’s mental health. At the end of the day, sharenting was widely criticized and touted as an irresponsible social media practice. Mainly because it exposed children to social media attention that could later have negative consequences.

IPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max offered the sharenting tool that was trending before the 2020 pandemic. Yet Apple once again had to iterate its mobile phones by transforming them into the iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and recently, the iPhone 14 smartphone versions.

The Need for Smartphones and Not Just Mobile Camera Phones

Today, a smartphone offers not just tools for sharenting. Smartphones have multi core processors and operating systems that allow users to engage in online games, as well as access Google and various apps. Although the iPhone 14 Pro editions have only 2 cameras, they have larger sensors and faster apertures.