Some are asking what is the true responsibility of a husband? Is it about providing for his family? NO, can’t be. A man can provide income but it’s not his primary responsibility. Many husbands are broke and their wives are still happy with them because they know that their husbands love them no matter what. So this isn’t the responsibility of a husband.

Technical Definition of a Husband

According to the dictionary, a husband is defined as “a man who is married to a woman or has a marital relationship (as either a spouse or partner in a civil union)”.

This definition tells us that it’s not only women who are expected to play certain roles within marriage. It also places an equal burden upon men.


A wife expects her husband to be responsible for everything under the sun. A good husband is supposed to take care of his family, make sure they are safe and secure, pay bills on time, keep up with household chores, meet all financial obligations including paying for all the vacations, buy gifts every now and then etc.