When it’s appropriate to introduce the subject of religion with youngsters varies from family to family. But it’s important to encourage wonder and inquiry from a young age. Your child’s inherent curiosity about the universe, the natural world, and mortality provides an excellent opportunity to explain religious ideas in terms they can grasp.

Modifying the Conversation for Their Age

Young Children

Don’t become complicated. Storytelling and fundamental ideas like community, helping others, and kindness should take center stage.

School-aged Kids

Be open and honest with them when they ask questions, and learn about other faiths by reading books, watching age-appropriate films, or even going to a church or synagogue together.


Promote analytical thinking and candid conversation. Adolescents may struggle with uncertainty or hold firm beliefs. Give them your undivided attention as you make it comfortable for them to talk about their beliefs.

Set a Good Example

A person’s personal spiritual path can have a significant impact. Young minds are very perceptive. Give them an example of how your religious beliefs and practices impact your daily life.


Religion is a topic that can and should be discussed with children at all times. They can learn to think for themselves and discover their place in the world if you encourage their natural curiosity, adapt your approach to their age, and set a good example.