16 Blogs Parents Should Know

Mother and child


Parent blogs are a great place to go for all topics that are important to moms and dads. From pregnancy to your children’s primary school age. You can search for top parenting sites on Google that are probably optimized by a 구글 SEO 업체 (Google SEO company). But here, you can find all blogs about being a parent and becoming a parent. Recommended for you by our community.

Papapi Blog

Papapi, that’s René and Kevin and they show on their blog life as a colorful rainbow family in a daddy double pack. Here everything revolves around the parenthood of two foster children, the different versions of a family, and the normal parent-child madness.

Big Heads

Alu and Konsti are parents of three children and live and write about exactly that, on their family blog “Big Heads”. Honest words, emotions, and lovely family chaos.

Zuckersüße Äpfel

Power mom Tanja has three kids, Scandinavian roots, and is also a graduate social pedagogue. On her parent and travel blog “Zuckersüße Äpfel”, she regularly gives the best tips about being a parent, baking & cooking, beautiful DIY’s and traveling with children.


Behind Faminino hides mom blogger Nele, who has wonderful topics such as pregnancy, baby age, and the desire to have children, but also great DIYs ready for you. Great especially for those who are currently dealing with the topic of family planning.

Einer schreit immer

The normal everyday madness in the life of two parents with twins. On her blog “Einer schreit immer” (One always screams), Mama Anne describes life with two kids of the same age in a wonderfully blunt and at the same time loving way, gives great family tips, and also makes creative DIYs.

Von guten Eltern

Anja is a trained midwife and Christian editor, together they write in their blog from the life “Of good parents” about all the ideas of family life, which then often deviate from reality and that is actually not bad at all.

Mama arbeitet

Single parent, a full-time job, and an autistic child, this is the life of Christine and she writes about it on her wonderfully empathetic blog “Mama arbeiten”. She gives valuable tips and explains life with autism and what everyday life as a mom with a job looks and should look like.


Falk lives as a working father with a child and cone in Berlin and writes with wit and joy about being a parent. “Papa macht Sachen” describes his blog as an experience report and not as a guide for families, absolutely worth reading, available and genuine, and everything once from dad’s point of view!

Das Nuf

The Nuf is mom Patricia, who successfully talks about digital topics as a speaker, author, and podcaster. Above all, she wants to draw attention to the use of digital media for children and writes passionately about compatibility and equality issues.


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Stadt Land Mama

Behind StadtLandMama are the two journalists and friends Katharina and Lisa. Both have three kids each and describe their blog as their “lifeblood hobby”. Mama Katharina lives with her family in the capital, while Lisa has built up a family country life in Bergisch.

Geborgen wachsen

Susanne has founded “Geborgen wachsen” to help parents master the first steps as a new small family together. Whether parenting questions or breastfeeding and carrying advice, new parents or parents with small children will find so many valuable answers to all their questions here.

Family business

An authentic family that doesn’t take itself too seriously and yet is very funny. If you are looking for a little more humor in family life, you should visit here regularly and read the latest posts or simply discuss them in the comments! Family business is simply worth a visit!

Die Anderl

Andrea is a mother of three times and a powerful woman. As a working mother you are sometimes feeling burnt out, but parents can recharge their batteries as she shows with her sports, travel, and lifestyle tips on her absolutely worth reading blog “Die Anderl”.


Anke has a vision and a mission, she wants to make the world a little more sustainable and for this, she explains on her blog “Wastelesshero” and gives great tips on how we can all pay more attention to our environment.

Frau Mutter

Don’t take yourself and your dear family too seriously. Under this motto, Mama Nina writes and blogs on “Frau Mutter” about her own family life and her experiences. Adorable and entertaining to read and on top of that great tips on travel and guest contributions from other family authors.


The two friends Lisa and Christina have not only combined their passion for parenthood in their blog “Pinolino”, but also have a wonderful online shop where they make childhood dreams come true. Here you can find out everything about baby and nest building.


From this article, you will find all our latest blog recommendations on the topics of parents and family. From mom and dad blogs to pregnancy, parenthood, DIY, or other great topics, we hope it’s an exciting blog inspiration for you. Have fun browsing!